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HAMMERS - 100 years of Moscow sport

September 09, 2023 “Hammers” drum show performs at the opening of the Union State Cup in Modern Pentathlon as part of the 100th anniversary of Moscow sports! The Cup will be held in the Center of Modern Pentathlon "Severny" and the Moscow Academy of Modern Pentathlon, organized by the Department of Sports of the City of Moscow together with the Federation of Modern Pentathlon of Russia.

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HAMMERS - Family day at VDNH

September 02, 2023 More than a thousand employees of FM LOGISTIC and their family members gathered at VDNH in Moscow for a joint holiday "Family day" and for the FM Cup football tournament.

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September 22, 2023 The Hammers drummer show performs at the opening of the Obninsk NEW International Youth Nuclear Forum, which brought together over 500 experts, young scientists and specialists from more than 70 countries.

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September 02, 2023 Participation of the Hammers drummer show in a festive event dedicated to the 72nd anniversary of the Fryazino Science City, on the territory of the Olympus sports complex.

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