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HAMMERS drum show

Member of cultural and entertainment program of XXII Winter
Olympic Games in Sochi 2014, Diploma of the I Delphic Games,
The prize-winner of the V International Festival of Folk Art in China,
Winner of the Grand Prix of the «Open Europe»
Moscow International festival-competition.

HAMMERS are a unique band of professional artists who can work in a variety of formats and styles, individually for each order.
Due to a proprietary school cast can be up to 30 people, which is important for large areas.

Since its inception (2002) drum show HAMMERS gained experience of playing in the major concert halls of the country, beginning with the State Kremlin Palace with the individual program to a solo concert in «Platinum Arena» in Khabarovsk, the best area of the Far East.

We participated in many important social and cultural events in the country and abroad. Among them there are participation in the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014, the opening of the IV Moscow Charity Ball in Vienna City Hall (Austria), the presentation of the new logo of the armed forces of the Russian Federation — a new «Russkaya Armiya» sign, demonstration of «The largest flag of Russia», the final of the «Miss Russia 2012» national contest, the opening ceremony of World Figure Skating Championships 2011, presentation of the Sochi 2014 in the exchange and passing the Olympic flag at the closing of the Olympic Games in Vancouver as the part of the orchestra under the direction of Valery Gergiev in a teleconference with the Red Square, presentation of the bid book of the city of Moscow to host the Youth Olympic Games in 2010, the final qualifying round of the Russian «Eurovision 2007», Children’s contest, recital of the poet Ilya Reznik «Ya sluzhu Rossii», the annual awards ceremony «Teatr Mass», «Zvezdnyy Express» concert program, and, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, we have been the members of «Etot Mir — Nash!» International Children’s Forum in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Our professional activities also include working with the following distinguished groups and artists: a joint European tour to Slovakia with the ensemble of A.v. Alexandrov, taking part in the episode of «Pervaya lyubov — Vot takaya muzyka» movie with Julia Savicheva and others.

We became the member of many popular TV programs, such as the «Intuicia», «Dostoyanie Respubliki», Jubilee of the «Eralash», TV show «Toch-v-Toch», TV show and «100 to 1» game show.

HAMMERS always keep up with the times! We are good at using the advanced lighting technology, which we install on our instruments and please the most discerning audience.

HAMMERS are an exciting «choreography with drums» show that distinguishes us from other bands and will not leave you indifferent to the performance. Our work is always of the highest quality and impeccable reputation.


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