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HAMMERS - Dubai Ice Show

4 - 5 December 2021 Hammers Drum show takes part in the musical on ice by Tatiana Navka "Sleeping Beauty. Legend of Two Kingdoms" within the framework of the Dubai Ice Show project in the UAE.

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HAMMERS - "Prince Orlovsky's Ball"

23 December 2021 23 - December 2021 - Hammers Drum show, together with People's Artist and conductor Yuri Bashmet, took part in the filming of the promo video for the program "Prince Orlovsky's Ball". TV channel "Russia-Culture" Moscow, 37 Shabolovka Street.

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HAMMERS - Fashion Week Moscow New Kids

5 May 2022 Hammers drumms show performs at the opening of Fashion Week Moscow New Kids. The grandiose celebration taking place at one of the comfortable venues of Moscow "Aesthete" is a fashionable and colorful children's event created by a close—knit team of professionals. The atmosphere of creativity and freedom.

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HAMMERS - "Shock Ten"

7 December 2021 On December 7, the 5th Anniversary boxing tournament "Shock Ten", the Grand Final of Rostec started in Moscow, in Luzhniki. Shock Ten is a unique corporate project of the Rostec State Corporation for martial Arts, which was launched in 2017 in honor of the 10th anniversary of Rostec. The championship has received huge support among the participants and has become an annual event.

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