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HAMMERS – "Time of Leaders"

8 – October, 2017 Our collective performed at opening of a conference of the Leader company devoted to the 15 anniversary of creation of network of McDonald's fast food restaurants in Russia. Sochi Radisson Blu Resort & Congress.

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HAMMERS – Fitness center of 100%

22 – October, 2017 Of a show of drummers of Hammers speaks at opening of the new TSEH fitness project! "The fitness center of 100%" in Solntsevo - fitness club of a premium class in the southwest of Moscow.

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HAMMERS – First satellite of Earth!

4 – October, 2017 Of a show of drummers of "Hammers" participated in a ceremonial opening of the meeting devoted to the 60 anniversary of start of the first artificial Earth satellite. Moscow Region, Korolyev.

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Hammers - the Presentation of the movie "SKIF" on Comic Con

30 – September, 2017 The performance of show group of drummers of HAMMERS on the presentation of the movie of Rustam Mosafir "Scythian" on Comic Con Russia didn't leave none of guests of convention indifferent - on "the Stage of Heroes" they met the happening action with a bang! Moscow, Crocus Expo.

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