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HAMMERS - "Big Love Show"

10 – February, 2018 The drum show HAMMERS has opened the improbable event devoted to fine feeling of love! And also Olga Buzova and the Drum show "HAMMERS" on "Big Love Show" presented the WiFi song, the Olympic Stadium.

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HAMMERS – Hanukiya's ignition in Barvikha

16 – December, 2017 Participation of the drum show Hammers in solemn ignition of Hanukiya in Barvikha and also opening of the festive evening devoted to the second anniversary of opening of the Jewish religious cultural center "Zhukovka".

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HAMMERS – 110 years of A.M. Lyulke

23 – March, 2018 Participation of a show of drummers of "Hammers" in the solemn evening devoted to 110-year Anniversary of Arkhip Mikhaylovich Lyulki – to the creator of the first domestic jet engine, the outstanding designer and the head of experimental design bureau Saturn. House of celebrations "Sovereign".

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HAMMERS – Solemn evening "VTB – Meditsina"

1 – December, 2017 Show of drummers - Hammers, spoke at a festive event in the Columned hall of the House of the Unions devoted to transformation of JSC VTB Medical Insurance to LLC VTB Medicine. Changes are connected with the forthcoming merging with the ROSNO-MC company.

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